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We’ve been posting pretty much twice a week since June 2022, when we arrived in Lisbon. That’s a fair amount of content to wade through. To make things easier, we’ve organized it into a Table of contents.

If you’re looking for a quick way to get a sense of what we do and how we operate, we suggest you try any of these posts:

Our philosophy

Our goal is honesty. While we love it so far in Lisbon, it’s also very hard to relocate to a new country. We don’t want to sugar coat this. We also want to try and talk about everything from the big picture to the nitty-gritty details of experiencing life in Portugal. So much of what we read and watched before moving made everything sound wonderful. This is the blog we wish we’d had as a resource.

Topics range from the (hopefully) informative (e.g. we write about our appointments with the Portuguese immigration service and how we exchanged our US driver licenses for Portuguese ones) to our observations about how life here is different from what we knew (holidays like Halloween and Christmas, for example). We’ll occasionally post a series of brief musings that aren’t particularly connected to each other or we’ll take a multi-part deep dive into a Big Important Topic of the Moment (like football or Eurovision).

We also aim to showcase original photos. Unless otherwise noted, every photo you’ll see posted has been taken by one or the other of us.

We want to hear from you

We do our best to respond to comments and if you receive our posts by email, hitting reply will send a message to Scott’s email account. You are also welcome to reach out to either of us by following instructions on our Drop us a line page.

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Is moving to Portugal without having visited the country first nuts? Sure! But I did it anyway.
I'm an American who gave up a perfectly comfortable life in St. Louis to move to Lisbon with my spouse and dog in June, 2022. It hasn't been easy. Was it worth it? Read along and find out with me.